Privacy policy

Cookies and third party

To protect the integrity of our users, we have decided not to use any cookies on this website.

No sensitive data about us or our customers are neither stored outside of Sweden or shared with any third party.

Personal data

We believe it's important for you to feel safe and secure with how your personal data is processed. Therefore, we want to achieve a high standard of protection for your personal data. In this privacy policy, we display how we collect and use your personal data. We also explain your rights.

Personal data manager:

Alstra AB (org nr 556561-3741)
Norra Dryckesgränd 3
111 30 Stockholm

+46 (0) 8-22 22 65

What is personal data?

Information that can directly or indirectly lead to a physical person is personal data. This could be a name, e-mail, and national ID number. But also images and usernames in digital media.

What personal data do we collect and when?

We collect personal data for different purposes:


Alstra collects the name, e-mail, telephone number, national ID number, and address of our employees.


Alstra collects, through applications, names, e-mail, telephone numbers, and address of potential recruits.


Alstra collects the name, e-mail, telephone number of customers in connection when business contracts get established.

Potential customers

Alstra collects the name, e-mail, telephone number, company name, and employee role of potential customers. This can be collected through telephone, personal meetings, or through forms where the user has booked a demo or asked for a quote.

What do we use this information for?


Alstra process personal data about their employees for personnel administration purposes.


The information gets used to contact people who have chosen to contact us about job opportunities.


The information gets used to maintain business contacts.

Potential customers

The information gets used to contact potential buyers of our services.


Information collected does not get forwarded to a third-party.

Where is the personal data stored?

All our sensitive data always get stored in Sweden.

For how long do you store personal data?

We do a yearly review of all the collected personal data and delete information that we see as irrelevant.

Your rights

You have the right to request an extract of what information we have on you and get your information corrected if they are incorrect. You also have the right to get your personal data deleted.